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Red crab: said to be the best crab. There is also a saying that it is similar to the blue crab. The one I bought this time looks like it should be a red crab. The red king crab is the largest and most numerous, accounting for more than 70% of the total production of king crab in Alaska. The body is covered with thick and sturdy spines, and the right claw is larger than the left claw. Because it often preys on a variety of creatures, the meat is very delicious. The shell of the live crab is dark red (grape purple), and the shell of the crab is bright red when cooked. It is said that one way to distinguish red crabs from blue crabs is that the raised part in the middle of the red crab has 6 dots, while the blue crab (oil crab) has only 4 dots..So,do you thaw king crab charlotte nc before baking?

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Blue Crab: The blue king crab, known in Japan as oil crab or blue crab. The crab shell is darker in color and has a blue color distribution of varying sizes. Compared with the red king crab, the body size of the two is not much different. After the blue king crab is cooked, the crab shell is orange-red, and the crab meat tastes lighter, softer and more refreshing..So,what's the best place for where to buy king crab?

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Brown Crab: Golden King Crab, also known as Brown King Crab. The crab shell is shiny golden brown withcheap king crab legs, slightly smaller than the red and blue king crabs, and lower in quantity, meat yield and price than the other two crabs..So,are bairdi vs king crab sweet?

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